I’m just saying that everyone thinks the poem means to break away from the crowd and, like, do your own thing.
But if you read it, Frost is very clear that the two roads are exactly the same.
He just chooses one at random.
And then it’s only later at a dinner party, when he’s talking about it that he tells everybody he chose the road less traveled by, but he’s lying.
So the point of the poem is, that everyone wants to look back and think that their choices mattered, but in reality, shit just happens the way that it happens, and it does not mean anything.

Orange Is The New Black Season One Episode Seven
How to Get Over Past Mistakes


1. Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, does things wrongs, and has moments of regret. There are no perfect people out there. In that sense, you are just the same as everybody else.
2. Remind yourself that “that was then, and this is now”. You can’t turn back the clocks and change what…